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 Palm tree canopy trimming is currently in progress.  They are being trimmed by arborists and know what they are doing.  Please don't ask them to trim any more.  The work is done by standards.

Vehicle Registration Forms We are still missing 30 forms to date.  Transmitters will be issued to those who completed the forms and return them to Integrity.

Safety Concern

Parents have been parking their cars 2 and 3 deep in front of the gate house and blocking the walkway while waiting for the school bus.  Drivers exiting LAP cannot see oncoming traffic along Mecca Road. 


A Message from the  President




























Vehicle Registration Forms.  We are still missing 30 forms. Please complete the form in it's entirety and return it to Integrity Property Management as soon as possible.  The order has been placed.  Transmitters will be issued only to those residents that have completed the form.  Integrity fax number is 954-346-0784.

We are also requesting an email address for residents.  We are attempting to build an electronic mailing list to notify residents of essential information about the community.  Please provide this information.  We will not sell the list and we'll protect your privacy.


s available for all mobile phone platforms and can be downloaded by searching for My Parkland in the app store of your choice. 






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