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           Community Update      

  • Pool Restrooms Restoration

  • Pressure Cleaning

  • Resident Gate Access

  • Dog Owner Responsibilities

  • Resident Communications with Board Members.



Please send in or deliver your checks to Integrity Property Management for additional transponders as soon as possible.  The "free"  and "paid" additional transponders will be delivered sometime this week.

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Pool Restrooms Restovation. 

Restoration work  is ongoing.  Floor tiles have been installed, the wall tiles are being installed in the ladies room. The handicap accessible exterior doorways have been cut.  The bathroom fixtures have been ordered and will be picked up at Home Depot this coming weekend.  Everything is falling in place.

Pressure Cleaning

The curbs (swales) in the community will be pressure cleaned starting on Thursday, March 22nd.  After the Pool Restroom project is completed, the pool house and roof, gate house building and roof, entrance sign,  the four gate columns, sidewalk and entrance curbs will be pressure cleaned.  Afterwards the gate house, pool house and four gate columns will be painted.

Resident Gate Access.

The gate system has been wired and all equipment installed.  Transmitters have arrived and placed in envelopes for delivery to your mailboxes.  Diamond Gates will enter the transponder numbers into the call box, once that is complete, the transponders will be distributed.  Everyone will be given their two free transponders with instructions for placement on the inside of the windshield on the passenger side. Please read and follow the instruction sheet.  They are not removable without damage to the transmitter.  A few weeks after we go live, the clickers will be shut down and not usable.

An email was sent on March 14th reminding those residents who have requested more than two (2) transponders that they must send in their check or deliver it to Integrity.  The cost of additional transmitters is ten dollars ($10) each.  Residents who have already paid for them will be delivered with the two free transmitters.  An email will be sent to everyone advising when they will be delivered.

Dog Owner Responsibilities.

We're still getting some complaints about residents not picking up after their dogs.  Pet ownership is a privilege, not a right.  Article VII, Section 10 addresses the requirements.  Please act responsibly and pickup after your pet.  Not doing so is inconsiderate to your neighbors in the community and constitutes a nuisance.

Resident Communications with Board Members.

Any communication between residents and board members and Integrity Property Management should be addressed in an email to the individual board member or addressed to lakes.at.parkland@outlook.com.   Your email will be answered or forwarded to the appropriate person for action.  Facebook is not the appropriate media to discuss issues.


s available for all mobile phone platforms and can be downloaded by searching for My Parkland in the app store of your choice. 






Pages last updated  March 20, 2017