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There will be no meeting in April.  Future meetings will be held as the need arises.  Notices will be posted on the Exit gate.

There is an opening for a Board member,  Anyone interested in filing the position may contact any one of the Board members or Integrity Property Management.

Area Landscaping  has submitted a thirty day letter of termination.  Their last service will be during the week of April 18th.  We have had them for the past 10 years and their $98,152 fees have not changed. 

Board members receive three proposals, ranging in costs from $146,400 to $172,800 per year plus charges for additional services ranging from $9,350 to $11,500.  The Board has selected 5th Avenue Landscaping at a annual cost of $155,750 as compared to Area Landscaping cost of $98,152 per year.  This is a significant increase of $57,598 which will result in an increase of the quarterly maintenance fee.  A letter will be sent to all homeowners during the week of  April 25th 2016.  The new quarterly maintenance fee will begin July 1, 2016.

an June 1st and ends November 30th. Now is the time to check your hurricane supplies and make plans if a storm approaches.    You can also click on


s available for all mobile phone platforms and can be downloaded by searching for My Parkland in the app store of your choice. 





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